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Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Speed up Your Computer & Laptop Tricks Manufactures Don’t Disclose

How to Speed up Your Computer & Laptop Tricks Manufactures Don’t Disclose
How to Speed up Your Computer & Laptop Tricks Manufactures Don’t Disclose
There is nothing as exciting has having a computer or a laptop that performs and works to your liking. It boots fast and opens application software faster than Usain Bolt. One year down the road it is slows down to a point where you pull hair waiting for it to perform basic routine stuff. 

At this point most people start budgeting for the next new computer on the market or make a rush decision, flash their wallet and buy the new PC in the market while a simple computer maintenance tip fix would have sorted it out your slow computer restoring it to bolt days. 

80 percent of slow PC’s or laptops is attributed by software rather than hardware. Here are computer maintenance tips that you can use on your PC, Laptop or Ultra-book whenever you experience a go slow.

Be Realistic

If you bought your high end computer or laptop five years ago and you are running on the current operating system on the market do not expect it to run like the current computers on the market since in these case your hardware is outdated. It is time you opened your wallet and buy a new computer/ Laptop. Here is a buying guide to help you out.

Computer Cleaning
Computer Dust

Dust is a contributor to a slow working PC. Dust clogs around the computer fan hence preventing the air flow within the computer therefore making the processor overheat and slowing it down. 

In order for you to clean your PC you need the following tools. A cloth moist with water or rubbing alcohol, a dust blower or a portable hand vacuum and cotton swabs for places you cannot reach with you moist cloth. 

Make sure when you are doing these exercise the computer, notebook, or laptop is completely shut down and off.

Emptying your Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin
When you delete files and documents you no longer need they are temporarily stored in the recycle bin for easy restoration if need be. 

You need to empty the recycle bin so to get more space on your hard disk especially when you are running out of space on your hard drive. Without enough disk space on your computer your pc eventually slows down.

Uninstalling Application Software’s you no longer use 

If you have installed application software’s that you no longer use, it is advisable you uninstall them correctly so remove them from the start up list during booting to which they are allocated a memory space depending on their demand. The heavier the application software the more disk space it occupies and the more memory it is allocated hence a waste of resources if not used e.g. computer games.

Avoid Downloading free software’s from un-trusted sites

Free software’s come with spywares, worms, malwares and viruses. They hog most your computer resources’ hence slowing it down.

Install Anti-virus software and keep it up to date

It is a fact they slow down computers but not as much as a malware, spyware or a virus therefore a basic necessity as soon as you acquire a new laptop or computer. Here is a list of the top 10 ten antivirus soft wares.

Defrag your PC

Defragging your computer improves the read and write times on your hard drive therefore improving the speed of your pc. Go to your c drive and right click then select properties then click on defragmentation. Defrag all drives that are available on the list. Note defraging takes alot of time advisably do it overnight or on a weekend when you are not busy with your laptop or computer.

Cleaning your registry errors

The registry is the place where all application software instructions are stored in a computer. Even after correctly uninstalling or updating your application software's usually new instructions are loaded and the old ones remain there. Every time your PC will be trying to execute instructions of a program that does not exist eventually slowing it down. Here are the top registry cleaners.

Follow the above advice, our  ultra books, notebooks, net books or PC's will stay fast, safe and without need of computer repair services.

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